Saturday, 26 February 2011

Ecolamp Recycling Solutions

From 1st July 2007 it is now no longer legal to use landfill sites or skips for disposal of fluorescent lamps, and by law, you must be able to prove to your Local Authority that you have complied with the new regulations. You are required to obtain a "Waste Transfer Note" to show that you have disposed of your waste in a responsible manner.

The Legal, (and environmentally sound) treatment is to recycle the lamps, extracting the glass and metal components and distilling the elemental mercury from the powder in the lamps for reuse. 
The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005, which came into force in July 2005, incorporated the European Waste Catalogue definitions to assess waste, under these definitions fluorescent tubes are classed as Hazardous Waste and MUST be handled in accordance with the regulation.

The new Waste Electrical and Electronic (WEEE) regulations came into force on 1st July 2007, making it illegal to dispose of any lamps without a transfer note proving that they are to be recycled, regardless of quantities. The maximum fines are £30,000 per lamp.

Our experienced and trained staff ensure that all waste lamps are properly documented and disposed of using the most cost effective and environmentally friendly route in compliance with all the current regulations. Whatever your requirements, whether you have a regular waste lamp problem or a 'one off' requirement for disposal, Ecolamp can help and will provide the same level of professionalism no matter how large or small the job. We issue full documentation and Waste Recycling Certificates.

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